We are all equipped to assist you in your journey towards a dream home...

You'll be having a string of ideas about your home. Some ideas will be abstract ideas that are vaugue and difficult to communicate. What you need is a design team that can understand your expectations with absolute clarity. We are the best choice, if you are looking for a team that can take you ideas and deliver your dream. You can put your trust in us, if you think of it as a lifetime investment and desire highest quality.

First step of building a home is communication. This is where you should help us understand your expectations. Better communication leads to a better design. With our technical and creative support, your ideas will get a crisp and clear design form. After the first step, our construction team will engage in work to make it a reality. You won't need any other vendor for any purpose related to house construction. From the first step of taking Municipal permission, to delivering the key, we does everything including material purchase and labor.

If you want to remodel your existing house, in a manner that you had never dreamed before, we are the best choice available today. The portfolio of trust which we gathered from our previous renovation projects stand as the pillar of our confidence and quality.

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Our Team
Leading Pioneers...

This company is the fulfillment of a dream. Rather than being a man coming from business oriented family, it was his immense passion towards creating something new, that lead to this company. A man with a dream, who gathered his motivation from great businessmen all around the world. This company is a start-up business, started without any strong backup, but managed to become better and better along the way with sheer will.

Sebastian &Sons Housing is an Architecture – Interior company started in 2014 by Shibin Sebastian. Born in 1986 at Kottayam District of Kerala, Shibin completed his graduation from Coimbatore. He took another two years for further academic education, and crafted a professional career till the foundation of Sebastian & Sons Housing. The company was founded as a start-up venture in 2014 with an ambition of developing noval designs. After gaining industry experience, the company expanded in to construction in 2015. Being a start-up platform, we had the opportunity to work closely with the leading Architects, Civil Engineers, and Interior Designers. This practical exposure was an immense booster for our company. In 2018, we became a private limited company. Shibin Sebastian is leading the way, by holding the roles of Director and Chief design Consultant.

Shibin K Sebastian

Managing Director, Chief Design Consultant

Shibin Sebastian, a design professional is leading the way, by holding the roles of Director and Chief design Consultant.

Our Story
The Roads we ride, Junctions we turn

Started in 2014 as a designing company, we expanded in to construction within an year. However the journey was neither smooth nor easy. Like any other startup company, initial days were challenging. The challenges we managed to overcome gave us practical wisdom and great experience. It was the hardening process that made us what we are today.

In 2013, during higher education, Shibin Sebastian came across Start-up village at Kochi. It was his intention to gain technical support and create a network of business connections. Our first step was to develop a new design platform with a different trade name, within the spectrum of parent company. The idea was to create a networking platform for designers and related experts to publish their works. Clients can review and read the articles and designs and choose their favorite design / designer.

During that gold rush period of startups, ours was the first ever online design platform of such in India. Started in regional language Malayalam, it soon attracted nationwide attention and completely transformed in to English. Most of the digital architectural platforms that we see today started during that period. However, the idea of startup was still going back and forth between technological businesses. The founders identified that, amidst the noise, the importance of an architecture platform might get neglected. That's why we slowly changed our strategy and expanded our horizons. The area of architecture in India at that time was still pretty much conventional with little scope for innovation. Queries regarding designs and new technologies often ended up as queries regarding how to construct. Customers ended up requesting our team to help them with construction process in addition with designing. The realization then about the scarcity of construction firms, that can deliver a home from scratch, from start to finish, and the immense opportunities behind it drove us towards opening a new section of services. It was a giant and important step for us. From 2015, we started to provide contracts of construction in addition with the designing.

Our first project was completed successfully in 2015 at Kottayam. From then on, our graph of success kept rising. The very next year we expanded to other districts with couple of new projects. It was the same year we were challenged with a project of renovation. It was a new experience, considering we were only experienced in building new designs till then. Renovation projects are always a daunting task. From designing alterations, to reinventing construction methods, we have to keep our focus on every minute detail. Like every other challenges that came across our path, we took the job with passion and enthusiasm. When we completed the project after 6 months of strenuous work, it was a moment of pride to the entire staff. From the testimonies of home owner, relatives, and other spectators, we knew the design clicked. That project gave us more recognition in the industry than we have ever imagined. From 2017 onwards, countless requests of renovation projects were received by our company. It was the time our goals and hopes started to grow beyond what we have ever set to achieve. 2018 was an year of stunned growth, even amidst a healthy business. The infrastructure needed revamping, to hold the immense opportunities before us. In 2019, we focused only on remodeling our management systems, accounting, project development systems etc... With the help of industry leading mentors, we conducted few studies regarding these aspects. After careful and professional makeover, we restated the company with a brand new energy and enthusiasm.

The human resource of skilled labor was expanded and placed them strategically for hassle free movement. Next improvement was in the supply chain. We teamed up with suppliers to ensure easy access to materials in every corner of The state. Site managers were trained to ensure better management and timely completion of works.

With an enhanced structure, we are gearing up to a new future of growth. New projects are coming, and we are keen to complete them with utmost care and passion. We are spreading our wings to the new era of successful business. The journey continues...

Our Policy
Values and Principles we follow

Everyone has their own unique goals and unique methods to follow. Our company also has a unique approach towards our processes.

As we all know, building a home is a lifelong dream. When you approach a designer, you will have many expectations. Small, large, classy, contemporary, traditional, better interior, good landscape, fit for budget... The list of requirement is quite large. It will be different from person to person. Basically, our job is to compile all the requirements and needs to create a design as per their imagination. However, being a design consultant agency, we can do many things beyond the scope of an ordinary designer. Most people will not have a crisp requirement. They will be having little fragments of ideas and emotional expectations. After analyzing such needs and studying the geographical location, we can deliver the physical manifestation of your dream home, with our added enhancements.

We follow certain standards and policies when it comes to our projects. The size should not be a matter of extravagance but of requirements. Construction materials should not be chosen for a little profitability alone, but the quality must be ensured. It is always better to have a long lasting high quality building with ample space, rather than a low quality ostentatious one. Wasting materials unnecessarily is a crime against our society. Every inch of extra space will take a huge toll in the form of maintenance over a period of time. It is a wise idea to use materials that can be used for a life time, rather that settling for low quality materials with a short life span. We should only look in to the initial investment, our future will be safe and secure.

Considering these facts, we tend to take up projects that ensure better space utilization and high quality materials. Also, as a responsible company, we don't encourage constructions by drastically altering the natural geography of a land. It is better to know your land and create a save heaven without too much artificial alterations. A building can only become home, if it doesn't destruct the surroundings. A house constructed with such care and the surrounding landscape will complement each other.

Our Work Culture
Learn how the system works

We specialize in residential projects. Our design package includes floor plan, structure, elevation, documentation for municipal license, 3D visualization of interior’s and estimation. Meeting with the client, site study etc... Are unavoidable. Fee will be charged for designing, including site visit.

Second step is the construction. We will provide a comprehensive estimate, containing each particular works, materials, brand, model, grade, and the cost. You can also select different models and grades as per your convenience. There will be an agreement containing instructions, terms and conditions to be followed by two parties, from the starting of construction to the completion of project. The project will start after the two parties agree and sign the agreement. Our project agreements are quite transparent. We will also sign trained professional site engineers to supervise the construction.

Clients can contact the designers anytime to enquire about any possible doubts. Designers, technical team and management team will be there to assist you till the completion of your house.

There might be technical instructions and advices from our team, however we can assure a hassle free and flexible communication. It is our promise to deliver you your dream home relieving you from all tensions and hurdles of construction. Looking forward to working with you...!