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When you approach us with the hope of a home, you’ll be given an immediate opportunity to get consultation with our designing team. After the healthy pitch meeting, our designers will visit the proposed site and take up the project. Next is the process of designing. Floor plan, elevation, structure design, electrical and plumbing drawing, and every other designs will be presented to you for the final verdict. We can file all the documentation to get the building permit upon request. A definite fee will be deducted for each of these services. If you have special considerations regarding the materials, you can consult with us to prepare the estimate. If you are going forward with our standard plan, we will select the materials according to our specifications of safety and quality. Our estimate will contain every detail regarding the materials, such as brand name, model, grade etc… You can choose from our wide array of options. The charge may vary according to the optional brand. In each package, we use only materials that can meet our quality standards. We don’t support opting low quality materials for the sake of reducing budget. It is actually good for the client while considering future burden. Apart from quality, you’ll end up spending more on maintenance in the future, than the actual cost of the quality material.

We do have a section for building budget homes, but even there we don’t compromise on quality. Our budget home construction relay on innovative materials and effective space utilization.

Experienced and well trained site engineers will oversee the construction works every day. You can analyze the progress and consult with the designing and technical team as per your wish.

Design, labor, material purchase, and everything related with your house construction will be spearheaded by Sebastian & Sons. Maintenance support is one of the most important services that we provide. No matter where the location is, and how small the maintenance request is, we are bound by our policy to provide you immediate service. It is the pillar of our client relation policy.


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AAC block; Everything you need to know!

AAC block‌ is an eco-friendly and lightweight construction material. Its full name is Auto Cloud Aerated Concrete Block. While a mixture of cement‌ and sand (mortar) is used in the construction of the wall with ordinary brick, here a powder made of cement‌, sand and polymer applied as a water-based paste used to fix the

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