A room should never allow your eye to settle in one place but should smile at you and create fantasy.

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Only with the installation of furniture, a house interior becomes alive. From the welcoming guest room to kitchen, furnishing is important. Let it be your bedroom or dining room, setting up furniture definitely amps up the personal. Designing furniture require details of utilization and requirement. You don’t want to clutter the space with futile pieces of useless things. We can help you identify your needs and possible choices and craft furniture, specially designed for your interior. Our company only use high quality wood and related materials.

Because these are handcrafted in accordance with your home design, you don’t have to worry about where to put them and wastage of space. Were provide predominance to utility above everything else. Mostly we use teak for crafting furniture models of sofa sets, coats, dining tables, coffee tables, and chairs etc… What we are looking for is a value for investment. It is always better to use quality materials rather than spending money every year to replace the damaged goods. The knowledge we acquired through experience taught us the importance of quality and durability. We use metals, jute, leather, and high quality fabric along with the wood for visual appeal. These accessories will go hand in hand with your theme of interior. Assurance of quality goes without saying.

Apart from the furniture, we provide a long range of curtain designs, materials, bed settings, wall papers, home decors etc…


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AAC block; Everything you need to know!

AAC block‌ is an eco-friendly and lightweight construction material. Its full name is Auto Cloud Aerated Concrete Block. While a mixture of cement‌ and sand (mortar) is used in the construction of the wall with ordinary brick, here a powder made of cement‌, sand and polymer applied as a water-based paste used to fix the

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