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Selecting interior materials can be quite overwhelming, due to the immense list of available options. Situation is the same with designs, materials, and even contracting companies. However, you should choose every product carefully. Everything is important, such as the durability of materials, quality of accessories, warranty, and even the service policy of the chosen company. Design trends change every now and then in this field. Every few years a new trend will surface, and people will follow them in flock. Most people choose minimalistic designs based on their choice of theme. The design should consider interior styles, materials, color combinations etc… Sebastian and Sons even provides customized furniture designs. Custom designs are not meant to amuse the visitors alone, but to utilize the space in an efficient manner. A furniture that knows the surroundings.

Budget can vary according to the flexibility of material prices. However, compromising on quality and a bumpy future is not what we are looking for.

Interior design timeline consists of interior sketching of each rooms and space, selection of materials, creating 3D projections of rooms, identifying the positioning of furniture sets, and customizing each aspects according to the wish list of clients. Different packages are available for interior works. Feel free to contact us for further details.


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AAC block; Everything you need to know!

AAC block‌ is an eco-friendly and lightweight construction material. Its full name is Auto Cloud Aerated Concrete Block. While a mixture of cement‌ and sand (mortar) is used in the construction of the wall with ordinary brick, here a powder made of cement‌, sand and polymer applied as a water-based paste used to fix the

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