Here we are introducing a few selected projects that we have completed. As a reference, you can understand the design and technical specification of a house through this. You can contact us directly for further details.

From the style of the 90s to modern contemporary style!

This was a 30-year-old house in Mutholi near Pala, Kottayam district, which was renovated in 2020. Initially, there were only three bedrooms. Homeowners are approached with a limited need for two more bedrooms and bathrooms, considering the number of members living in the house. When that was done, there were some more demands from the

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Making dreams come to life!

It was a renovation project that started its construction in early 2019 and completed by early 2020 at Ranni, Pathanamthitta District. It was not only just a renovation project but was also an extension project. It was a one storey house with three bedrooms. After the renovation, one more floor built upstairs and converted into

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The Magic of Renovation..!

Kindly find our amazing renovation project at Chengannur completed at 2019 and experience the magical result of the perfect blend of architecture and innovative refurbishing ideas. It was a 60+ years old house, already modified three times sofar. Rooms were not in proper alignment and congested. Absence of natural light and fresh air made the

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Amazing Renovation

It was a house with three bedrooms, a common toilet and a kitchen. It was roofed with sheets to avoid water leakage. All four sides of the existing terrace should be covered and then should be converted it to a party area with good lighting and ventilation; should give a stairwell to enter to the

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The Complete Transmigration

Initially, it was a 3BHK house with congested interior space. We added an extra washroom attached bedroom to the first floor and changed the alignments of the rooms to increase the room size. We completely renovated the interior of the house and added furniture like bedroom wardrobes, crockery, TV units, false ceiling and LED lighting,

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Sanctuary – The very first Renovation!

It was a unique renovation work, completed in 2016 about four years ago. The project has a lot of attractions as it is a renovation done with interior works on a very modest budget. Since the elevation was very old, the family’s main need was to change the entire look of the house so that

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