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Amazing Renovation

It was a house with three bedrooms, a common toilet and a kitchen. It was roofed with sheets to avoid water leakage. All four sides of the existing terrace should be covered and then should be converted it to a party area with good lighting and ventilation; should give a stairwell to enter to the party space the from inside of the house; should expand the size of the narrow rooms; should provide an attached toilet to the master bedroom; should add a work area; should improvise the interior of the house and should create better elevation were the main alterations suggested by the family members.

The water leakage fixed as planned. Later the terrace turned into a party area with a staircase from inside the house. The house was then converted to a 2100 sq ft house with three bedrooms, two toilets including an attached toilet, living space, dining space, kitchen, work area and seating area. Beautiful interior including modular kitchen, bedroom cabinets, dressing unit, crockery unit, TV unit and best pieces of furniture were provided. Included a terrace party area and an elevation with double height.

Project NameAmazing Renovation
Project Category Renovation
Completed Year2018
Design StyleTraditional
Designer NameShibin Sebastian
Area (sq.ft.)2100
Number of FloorsSingle

Project by: Sebastian and Sons Housing Pvt Ltd

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