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From the style of the 90s to modern contemporary style!

This was a 30-year-old house in Mutholi near Pala, Kottayam district, which was renovated in 2020. Initially, there were only three bedrooms. Homeowners are approached with a limited need for two more bedrooms and bathrooms, considering the number of members living in the house.

When that was done, there were some more demands from the members of the house. Like, the rooms of the old house should be slightly modified, the compound level including the back yard of the steep house should be levelled, and finally, the newly built part and the elevation should be changed in such a way that the apparent difference with the old house is not understood.

The present house was situated downside of the road that passed like a downhill in front of the house. So the first step was to raise the elevation so that the house would get a lift. It was a one-story house with a sloping roof that was constructed in the 90s. Since all the other houses around, old and new, are traditional-style houses with sloping roofs, I wanted to make it a little different and then the contemporary design was chosen.

A total of 5 bedrooms were arranged below. With sit-out, living & dining, kitchen and work area. So there was no need for a room for permanent use upstairs, instead, the decision was made to convert the space available when elevating and designing into an ordinary room and balcony.

An open space provided on the top left, with views of the vast rubber plantations on that side and good ventilation. A balcony in the middle, closed by walls on three sides and the front provided a GI pipe design. A spacious room was also provided on the right. Spacious open terrace in the back. All this gave this elevation the shape of a two-storey house. The yard was paved with paving blocks and given a new gate. No significant changes have been made to the interior. As it was a sloping roof, the ceilings of the living and dining rooms were levelled and beautified with false ceilings. The kitchen and wash counter also underwent minor renovations to make it more attractive.

Project NameFrom the style of the 90s to the modern contemporary style.
Project Category Renovation
Completed Year2020
Design Stylecontemporary style
Designer NameShibin Sebastian
Area (sq.ft.)2100
Number of FloorsDuplex

Project by: Sebastian and Sons Housing Pvt Ltd

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