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Making dreams come to life!

It was a renovation project that started its construction in early 2019 and completed by early 2020 at Ranni, Pathanamthitta District. It was not only just a renovation project but was also an extension project. It was a one storey house with three bedrooms. After the renovation, one more floor built upstairs and converted into a four-bedroom, two-story house with more amenities.

The main limitations of the house were the narrow living room, very small bedrooms, the misplaced kitchen, the absence of a work-area room, and the lack of light and fresh air in the rooms.

The first step was to enlarge the living room by attaching the old kitchen which was at the front of the house. One of the three bedrooms got converted to a nice dining room and a staircase leading to the first floor was built. Downstairs two bedrooms were retained, but attached toilets were provided. Adjacent to the dining room, a common toilet and wash area created.

Two new bedrooms, attached toilets, upper living room, and balcony were constructed upstairs. Additional windows and cross ventilation provided plenty of fresh air and natural light inside the rooms. While the main door was made of teak wood, the other doors and windows were made of Jackwood and Anjili. Matte finish white colour was given to the wood. The roof was paved with GI pipe structure on top of the slab. The yard was paved with polished stone and the grass was spread in between.

The interior designed simply. Modular kitchen and bedroom cabinets are made of marine plywood. Also, provide a false ceiling with LED lighting.

Project NameMaking dreams come to life!
Project Category Renovation
Completed Year2020
Design StyleTraditional
Designer NameShibin Sebastian
Area (sq.ft.)2700
Number of FloorsDuplex

Project by: Sebastian and Sons Housing Pvt Ltd

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