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Sanctuary – The very first Renovation!

It was a unique renovation work, completed in 2016 about four years ago. The project has a lot of attractions as it is a renovation done with interior works on a very modest budget.

Since the elevation was very old, the family’s main need was to change the entire look of the house so that it would not look like an old house at all. The general demand of the family was that the old model electrical, plumbing, sanitary items work and floor tiles should be replaced with new ones and the existing interior should be made a little more beautiful and attractive. Our main challenge was to get all of this done on a small budget.

The bedrooms and kitchen had to be kept the same size but should be modified. The living and dining rooms were not in the right alignment. The interior space was very dark due to the lack of natural light and fresh air. We have prepared a renovation plan with significant changes in the living and dining room alignment to provide more space and natural light. The main door to the living room was tilted to one side and arranged straight to the front. A long porch and a seating area at the end of the porch has been made, making the look of the house feel great from the outside. The car porch, which was first seen on the way out, was turned into the sit-out at the end of the porch. It was a change that seemed appealing at first glance.

The size of the living and dining rooms has been rearranged to give a better interior. The family was interested in a beautiful one-story house. However, in the hope of making a difference in the elevation, as the house sits on a spacious plot full of trees and greenery did not get the best view from afar, a room built upstairs to get a head start and look beautiful from a distant look. This change made the single storey house look like a two-storey house. The elevation beautified by giving the truss roof above in the same manner as the ground floor.

Although it may seem expensive in appearance, the house got completed within the budget set by the homeowners, including everything from the demolition work to the structural modification, interior and furniture.

Elevation before and after renovation

Living Room

Dining Room

Bedroom and Kitchen

Elevation view


Project NameSanctuary - The very first Renovation
Project Category Renovation
Completed Year2016
Design StyleTraditional
Designer NameShibin Sebastian
LocationManippuzha, Kottayam
Area (sq.ft.)1700
Number of FloorsSingle

Project by: Sebastian and Sons Housing Pvt Ltd

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