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The Magic of Renovation..!

Kindly find our amazing renovation project at Chengannur completed at 2019 and experience the magical result of the perfect blend of architecture and innovative refurbishing ideas.

It was a 60+ years old house, already modified three times sofar. Rooms were not in proper alignment and congested. Absence of natural light and fresh air made the interior space look too dark. Our designing team prepared a renovation plan with relevant changes in the room alignments to give better space and natural light. The plan assured construction of more windows, ventilation etc to give better natural light and airflow inside the rooms.

Finally, it became a five-bedroom house with guest living, family living, TV area, dining room, kitchen and work area. We finished the house completely modifying interior like modular kitchen, bedroom wardrobes, crockery, TV units, false ceiling and LED lighting etc. Also, we improvised Landscape.

Entire renovation step by step>>

  1. Bedroom in the front corner of the house switched as a living room, added windows to allure natural light and fresh air to the room.
  2. A stunning makeup was applied to the Old dining room by making the left door space wide open and by adding a separate the wash area.
  3. The old modelled Kitchen modified stunningly, utilised every inch of space wisely and added branded accessories.
  4. Adding two side windows and by refurbishing the old piece of furniture, the TV lounge area got a modern splendid look.
  5. When the house was renovated, the landscape was planned to make up a little more beautiful. Initially, the landscape of the house was full of plants, but the arrangement was not perfect or attractive. The paving tiles in the yard were concrete made and of good quality. But in most of those paving tiles, some parts were flaky and the paint faded and so unattractive.
    So the first prefered thing to do was to fix the landscape layout after dividing the required size of the yard. The grass was spread on it and plants were planted according to the requirements. The paving tiles of the yard were removed, repainted, and refixed. The initial car path kept as it is, but the gate was replaced with a new attractive one. In addition, a new walkway and gate were arranged to face the main door of the house. Instead of going to a big-budget, we were able to make the current landscape more attractive in the planned budget.
Project NameMagic of Renovation
Project Category Renovation
Completed Year2019
Design StyleTraditional
Designer NameShibin Sebstian
Area (sq.ft.)2950
Number of FloorsDuplex

Project by: Sebastian and Sons Housing Pvt Ltd

For more information, write us to - info@sebastianandsonshousing.com

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